Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beaver Valley Foot Clinic: Corn is Still in Season During the Winter- Unfortunately

Corn is Still in Season in the Winter – Unfortunately  

     While wearing heavier clothes in the winter is necessary, some people claim that it actually hurts them.  Although, in most cases, they’re simply disgruntled about the cold weather, sometimes, it’s true. 
For example, those who, in warmer months, sport only light shoes or sandals, may have trouble getting used to heavier footwear.  In fact, the constant rubbing of restrictive shoes and thick socks, against the toes, often creates enough friction to cause corns to develop. 

 Yes, unfortunately, corn is still in season, even in the winter; but if you have one, we can quickly remove it.  However, to prevent one from forming, buy some seamless socks, and wear slippers whenever possible.  Just say that it’s what the doctor ordered!              

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