Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dr. Tina's Testimonials

Dr. Tina Testimonials


Plantar Fasciitis

“For years, plantar fasciitis had been causing me a lot of pain. My heels really hurt when I went barefoot; and I needed cushioned inserts in my shoes. 

When I finally decided to seek help, I called Dr. Tina, and was immediately impressed that she answered her own phone. After hearing about my symptoms, she told me that she could help, and we set up an appointment.  When I arrived, her staff was very friendly, and put me at ease right away. 

I then received Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy, and they explained every step, throughout the process. It was entirely painless, and gave me instant relief!  I went from being uncomfortable all of the time, to feeling completely normal – and I was in the office for only about 25 minutes.  Before I left, Dr. Tina also gave me some insoles, which help to support my arches.  And now, more than a year later, I still feel great!   

 Dr. Tina and her staff were so nice to me, and ESTW was very effective.  I would recommend her to anyone who has any kind of foot ailment.” ~ Charles Gilch     


Heel Pain & Varicose Veins

“I had been suffering with plantar fasciitis for quite awhile, and had sought relief from two other podiatrists. They both kept telling me to just continue doing stretches, until the last one advised that surgery would be the only option. Discouraged, I searched online for another solution, and found some great reviews about Dr. Tina. As a last hope, I called her, and she suggested that I try their shock wave therapy. 

 It was quick and painless, and I walked out feeling much better. My condition steadily improved over the following weeks, and, four months later, there’s still no soreness in my heel! Truly, she saved me from a very invasive, painful operation that would have cost thousands of dollars. 

What’s more, while treating me, Dr. Tina noticed that I had some varicose veins, and asked me if they were causing me discomfort. When I said that they were, she got me right in for an ultrasound, and discovered that some of my major leg veins were damaged. Then, the vascular specialist at her office did another procedure, which was also fairly simple. To my surprise, my legs stopped hurting after a couple of weeks, and my varicose veins were fading!

Dr. Tina is an excellent physician, who is very observant, and genuinely caring about her patients.  I’ve found this to be very rare in the medical field these days.  I cannot thank, or recommend, her enough!” ~ Mary  Glivic 


Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Testimonial

For over a decade, I had thick, yellow toenails that got uglier every year.  It was so embarrassing that I couldn’t wear open-toed shoes, or sandals, even in the summer, which made the heat that much worse; and when I tried to hide them with nail polish, they still looked awful.  During this time, I had seen a few doctors, none of whom could get rid of the fungus.

Finally, a friend who had recently had her tendinitis quickly relieved by Dr. Tina, recommended her to me.  When I called her office, I got to speak with her directly.  Her friendly demeanor, and assurance that she could correct the problem, made me feel better instantly!

When I went for my appointment, everyone was so congenial, and Dr. Tina explained the whole laser procedure to me.  It was quick and painless, and it worked!  Just as she said it would, the cuticle cleared up after a few months, then the nail started to grow back clear over the next several months, until it was normal again! 

Suddenly, for the first time in years, I was excited to shop for cute sandals; and they actually looked so good on me, that I didn’t even want to paint my toenails anymore!  I couldn’t be more thrilled; and I can’t recommend Dr. Tina enough! ~ Anonymous



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