Thursday, January 24, 2013


Keep Your Feet a Step Ahead of Winter

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Diabetics must be extra-vigilant about foot health in the winter, when even dry, cracked skin, which is common in cold weather, can be hazardous.

If you’re a diabetic, wash your feet daily in lukewarm water, with mild, hypoallergenic soap, and gently pat them dry with a clean towel.  Moisturize them, too, but dry thoroughly between your toes.  Examine your feet every day, for blisters, sores, swelling, peeling, cracking, ingrown toenails, fungus, or changes in skin color.     

Wear adequately-padded footwear that will keep your feet warm and dry, without restricting circulation; and choose soft, thick, non-constricting, absorbent socks.

 If you find, or want to prevent, any problems, call us immediately.  We’ll help you stay a step ahead of winter.   


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