Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beaver Valley Foot Clinic: We'll Put a Spring Back in Your Step!

    We’ll Put the Spring back into Your Step
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When something gets into your shoe, naturally, you immediately stop and get rid of the irritant. However, if you take your shoe off, and nothing’s amiss inside, there may be trouble afoot. 
For example, you may have a neuroma, which can create the sensation of a wrinkle in a sock, or a ball under the toes.  This thickening of the nerve tissue between the metatarsal bones is often caused by tight, narrow shoes regularly squeezing the bones, thus pinching the nerve.          
Of course, there are other conditions, such as stress fractures, that have the same indicators.  So, if you’re experiencing these symptoms, come see us for the proper diagnosis and treatment.  We’ll put the spring back into your step.   

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