Wednesday, December 16, 2015

BV Foot Clinic: Sock it to Your Winter Foot Problems

                                                    Sock it to Your Winter Foot Problems

Non-stop holiday activities can cause, or aggravate, foot ailments. While unpleasant for anyone, it's even worse if you're diabetic, as your foot health can be threatened just by cold weather, which causes skin to become dry and cracked, often leading to infections. So, keeping feet warm and dry is important; and wearing adequately padded, non-constricting footwear can help. Besides sensible shoes, that means wearing socks that are soft, thick, absorbent, and, ideally, have no seams to rub against toes, which can produce corns, calluses, blisters, and sores. Your best defense, though, is to come in and let us devise a custom foot care program that'll help prevent trouble, and sock it to any problems that arise!

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