Monday, December 7, 2015

BV Foot Clinic: Keep Your Spirits High, and Your Heels Low

                                  Keep Your Spirits High, and Your Heels Low
If you’re planning to wear stilettos to holiday parties, remember that they can lead to more than bunions and hammertoes. That’s because the shift that they cause in your center of gravity compels you to balance yourself by thrusting your hips and chest forward, and arching your back. While that may be considered a sexy pose for photos, when it’s forced, especially for long periods, it puts stress on the knees, and strains muscles and tendons in and around the hips. 

Remember, you can look just as fabulous in 1"-2" heels as you can in stilettos; even better, in fact, as you won't be teetering around. So, keep your spirits high, and your heels low, or you may end up sitting on the sidelines at all of those festive get-togethers.  

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