Tuesday, August 2, 2016

BV Foot Clinic: Neuroma Symptoms - All In Your Foot, Not Your Head

                                                          Neuroma Symptoms - All In Your Foot, Not Your Head 

At some point during your outdoor adventures, it’s likely that you've gotten some sand, pebbles, or dirt in your shoe. If so, you probably stopped immediately to shake out the irritant. But, what if this happens, and you find that there is no foreign matter inside your shoe? Does that mean that you're just imagining the sensation? Nope. It could be a neuroma. Indeed, this thickening of the nerve tissue between the metatarsal bones can feel like a wrinkled sock, a pebble in the shoe, or a ball under the toes. 

So, call us if you’re experiencing these symptoms, because they're not all in your head - they're in your foot!

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