Wednesday, July 20, 2016

BV Foot Clinic: There Are Lots of Sprained Ankles "Going Around" Now

                               There Are Lots of Sprained Ankles “Going Around” Now

Because people are generally most active during the summer, it’s not surprising that it’s the peak season for injuries, such as sprained ankles. Indeed, there are lots of them “going around” now; and, besides being painful, they can cause damage, by stretching, or even tearing, ligaments. So, always wear shoes that are appropriate to your activities, and are comfortable, properly fitted, and secure. Moreover, while very high heels can increase the chances of ankle sprains, so can loose-fitting flip-flops.

So, don’t lend your ankles to the epidemic of sprains “going around.” But if you do suffer a sprain – or any type of foot problem call us right away for the most advanced, effective treatments available.

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