Monday, May 23, 2016

BV Foot Clinic: Don't Let That Corn Stand in Your Way

                                             Don’t Let That Corn Stand in Your Way  

No matter how cute those new sandals are, if you have corns, they can destroy your whole look. Besides being unattractive, they're often quite painful; and they sometimes get infected, which may lead to serious complications, especially for diabetics.

Whether they’re threatening your health, or just sitting there, looking unpleasant, corns indicate that there’s, at least, a minor problem. After all, they usually form when the skin thickens where shoes, socks, or seams consistently rub against the toes; and that can result from ill-fitting shoes, abnormally positioned toes or bones, or irregular gaits that cause undue pressure or friction on certain areas of the feet. So, if your corns are standing in the way of fashion, health, or comfort, come on in and let us remove those obstinate obstacles.    

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