Friday, March 25, 2016

BV Foot Clinic: Tennis Elbow, Anyone?

                                                      Tennis Elbow, Anyone? 

As the weather warms, some people will resume their favorite outdoor sports, while others try their hands at new activities; but if they're strenuous, they can try a lot more than just hands. For example, the repeated twisting forearm motions required to play tennis can inflame the elbows' ligaments, and lead to tissue deterioration, causing lateral epicondylitis (a.k.a. tennis elbow); but we have a quick fix. With Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), we apply tiny shock waves to the affected areas, to induce the healing process. So, call us at the first sign of discomfort, as it’d be a shame to let a little pain interfere with your game.

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