Wednesday, October 28, 2015

BV Foot Clinic: We Can Make Scary Plantar Warts Disappear

                                                        We Can Make Scary Plantar Warts Disappear

At this time of the year, you see many frightening witches flying about on their brooms, with their pointy hats, toothless grins, and – inevitably – warts on their faces. While such imagery may be fun for Halloween decorations, very few people find anything amusing about having warts anywhere on their bodies, including their feet.
Indeed, Plantar warts, caused by viruses that can enter through even the tiniest cuts or cracks, usually appear on the soles of the feet. Known to become large and painful, they can be especially scary for diabetics, for whom even minor problems can spell trouble, often developing into major infections. So, if you have Plantar warts, call us; we can make them disappear quickly and painlessly. 

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