Friday, October 16, 2015

BV Foot Clinic: Don't Choose Shoes that are Bad News

                                                     Don’t Choose Shoes that are Bad News

Of the millions of Americans reported to have foot ailments, many walked right into trouble. For example, women who routinely wear narrow, tight, high-heeled shoes often develop neuromas. This thickening of the nerve tissue between the metatarsal bones stems from nerves being pinched by shoes constantly squeezing the toe bones and forefoot. Besides causing burning pain, it can also feel like a pebble in the shoe, a wrinkled sock, or a ball under the toes. If you suspect you have a neuroma, call us right away. As other conditions can produce similar symptoms, we’ll make sure that you get the proper diagnosis and treatment. And, to prevent problems, don’t choose shoes that are bad news! 

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