Monday, August 10, 2015

BV Foot Clinic: We Help Keep Diabetics' Feet in Tip-Top Condition

                                  We Help Keep Diabetics’ Feet in Tip-Top Condition

Diabetics must constantly monitor their health, and address any issues promptly, as the disease will jump at any chance to attack the body. While it can affect any area, it commonly targets the feet, as it restricts circulation to the extremities, preventing proper healing, so even small cuts may become infected. It can also lead to diabetic ulcers or neuropathy, which often damages nerves, causing burning, tingling,  numbness, and worse.

If you’re having such problems, come see us. As diabetic foot care experts, we have several advanced, in-office treatments that can relieve your pain, improve your condition, and stave off further complications, to help keep your feet in tip-top form.
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