Wednesday, March 18, 2015

BV Foot Clinic: There Are Some Shoe Styles You Can Hardly Stand (ON!)

                                      There Are Some Shoe Styles You Can Hardly Stand (ON!)

While the arrival of spring is a welcome thing, some women are more excited about the arrival of the new spring line of shoes. Of course, even if it isn’t your first priority, you’ll eventually get around to shopping for footwear. And, no matter how many styles are on display, there will be some you love, some you can take or leave, some you can barely stand, and some you can barely stand ON; and you should really avoid that last group!

Indeed, every year, we treat countless ankle sprains that result from the wearing of ultra-high shoes; and many women suffer breaks and other injuries, too. So, remember, it’s not worth the pain that can be caused by falling off your shoes; and even if it were, it is absolutely not worth the embarrassment! 

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