Tuesday, March 10, 2015

BV Foot Clinic: Nip Bunions in the Bud

                                                      Nip Bunions in the Bud

Even when they must wear heavy winter boots, many women tote their high heels to work. This can be troublesome, because regularly wearing very high shoes often causes bunions. These painful bumps, located on the outsides of the feet, beneath the big toes, if neglected, can become swollen, infected, and debilitating, and may even require surgery.

So, give your feet a break from ultra high shoes, and wear heels that are under 3” - at least, for most of the time. And if bunions are already blooming, let us nip them in the bud. Remember, everything will soon be in blossom, and you'll be ready to wear strappy sandals again; but bunions, besides being painful, are also quite unattractive! So, come see us while you still have treatment options, and everything will be coming up roses! 

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