Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beaver Valley Foot Clinic: If Something's Amiss, it May be a Stress Fracture.

If Something’s Amiss, it May be a Stress Fracture

At this time of year, millions of people hit the ground running with outdoor sports and workouts.  Unfortunately, though, they sometimes hit it a little too hard, and end up with stress fractures.   

These can occur when sedentary people suddenly overdo exercising, especially with high-impact sports.  Wearing inappropriate shoes, or working out on hard, or uneven, surfaces can also cause them.         

So, if something’s amiss, with foot pain that intensifies during a workout, subsides with rest, then returns with further activity, come visit us.  Our advanced equipment will detect stress fractures that X-rays may miss.  Then, we can get you fixed up and ready for the summer fun that you won’t want to miss!        


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  1. This is interesting! I never would have imagined that a stress fracture was possible. Something uncomfortable has been going on with my foot and I wonder if it is a stress fracture? Anyway, Im looking for a good foot clinic in chicago il. I appreciate the help.