Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Beaver Valley Foot Clinic; Get Spring Started on the Right Foot!

Get Spring Started on the Right   Foot 

Injuries, such as ankle sprains, occur often in the spring, when, after a sedentary winter, people suddenly overdo their outdoor activities.  So, ease into the season, doing muscle-strengthening exercises, to reduce the chances of injury.

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 However, if you get a sprain, the first 72 hours afterward are crucial; so start treatment immediately, with R.I.C.E.  That means rest (as much as possible), ice (20 minutes, four times per day), compression (bandage and immobilize it), and elevation (prop it up, to minimize swelling). 

 Of course, it’s best to see us for the proper diagnosis and treatment.  Whatever the problem, we’ll help you heal correctly, so you can start the season on the right foot.      

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