Monday, November 28, 2016

BV Foot Clinic: Give Those Stilettos The Boot This Winter

                                                               Give Those Stilettos The Boot This Winter  
Foot ailments can strike anytime, even when you’re taking good care of your feet. So, why ask for trouble by wearing stilettos that force you to walk on the tips of your toes, as they’re jammed into narrow, pointed spaces? Besides the constant discomfort, wearing such shoes can cause bunions, calluses, hammertoes, corns, ingrown toenails, sprained ankles, and more.

Remember, there are just as many lower-heeled shoes that will look stunning with your holiday party dresses. Moreover, in wintry conditions, sky-high heels are even more dangerous. So stick to another type of footwear – that also comes in a range of spectacular styles – and give those stilettos the boot this winter!

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