Monday, October 24, 2016

BV Foot Clinic: Diabetics Can Say "Boo" To Winter Woes

                                                       Diabetics Can Say "Boo" To Winter Woes
There are lots of menacing things flying, creeping, and crawling around now; but, for diabetics, one of the most frightening things is simply walking around – on their own two feet. That’s because when ghouls, goblins, and witches sweep into town, they bring colder weather, which poses more serious threats to diabetics’ foot health. For example, it causes dry, cracked skin on the feet, which can lead to infections, and dire consequences; and that’s just for starters. If you’re diabetic, that may be a chilling thought; but you can say “boo” to those frigid temperatures. Come see us for a customized foot care program, and winter won’t stand a ghost of a chance of wreaking havoc with your foot health this year!   

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