Monday, June 13, 2016

BV Foot Clinic: Enjoy Every Walking Moment of Your Vacation

                                                  Enjoy Every Walking Moment of Your Vacation

When preparing for a vacation, though you try to take every precaution to ensure that it’s a safe one, unforeseen factors can still ruin it. For example, touring a city on foot may seem like a good, healthy, thing to do; and it can be. But it may also lead to stress fractures, which, while generally associated with intense activity, can be caused by the simple, repetitive movements of walking, especially if you’re doing a lot more than usual. So, if you're experiencing pain when you walk, which eases with rest, then returns with further activity, come see us. But, remember that wearing sturdy walking shoes and resting  frequently are the best steps to take to enjoy every walking moment of your vacation.  

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