Wednesday, May 27, 2015

BV Foot Clinic: Don't Let the Corn Get as High as an Elephant's Eye

                                                  Don’t Let the Corn Get as High as an Elephant’s Eye

Now that warm weather is here, people are looking forward to enjoying corn on the cob once again. While it may be a summer delight, there’s another type of corn that’s an unwelcome sight; but, indeed, it doesn’t sprout from seed. It’s the kind that grows on the toes; and it’s in season, causing many woes.
Yes, thousands of people are now dealing with corns, which often form during colder months when heavy socks and shoes, constantly rubbing against areas of the feet, create friction, causing skin in those spots to thicken. Besides being unattractive, corns can be painful, and, if they become infected, may even lead to serious issues for diabetics. So, before the corn gets as high as an elephant’s eye, let us remove it – just stop on by.  


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