Wednesday, April 29, 2015

BV Foot Clinic: You'll Be Out Standing - and Running - Pain Free

                                                                  You’ll Be Out Standing - and Running - Pain Free 

It’s spring, and people are lacing up their shoes, ready to hit the ground running. While this may be a healthy step, sudden, intense activity in normally sedentary people can lead to stress fractures in the delicate foot bones. So if you’re unused to such workouts, ease into them slowly. However, if you have foot pain at the start of a walk or run, which eases, then increases, but subsides after a rest, you may already have a stress fracture. 
Of course, it could be something else. But, whatever the problem, we'll diagnose it properly; and our outstanding treatments will have you out standing, walking, and running – pain free – in no time! 

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