Friday, November 4, 2011

Corn Futures on the Decline

     Corns and calluses aren’t generally considered to be serious afflictions.  On the other hand - or, in this case, foot - in certain instances, they have the potential to be quite worrisome.  This is particularly true for diabetics, because, on them, something as simple as a corn can become infected, destroy healthy tissue, and lead to further complications.

Nevertheless, whether or not they’re harmful to your health, corns are, at least, unsightly; and they’re often painful as well.  This is understandable, as they normally result from the friction of a shoe constantly rubbing against a part of the foot.  When this happens, the body’s natural defenses kick in, causing the skin in the affected area to thicken.  Although this is intended to protect the foot, it is, by no means, a solution.  After all, the longer you ignore it, the larger the corn or callus will become; and, eventually, it will lead to an irregular gait, which will only inspire more of these protuberances to form.

Of course, you can easily prevent this situation.  Just come in and see us, and we’ll nip your corn in the bud before you grow a whole crop!

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